Thats how we roll…

Okay..sorry..I had to use that line somewhere. I was in Wilmington, NC this week visiting my friend Jessica (LOVES!) and the church right next to her house always has the most hilarious signs! This week it said… “Fishing and Following…thats how we roll.” I almost died right there in the middle of the street! A-Mazing!

Alright on to the good stuff. After many a panic attack yesterday and this morning…I got the call that I had been accepted to an all women photographer conference that will be in February on Bald Head Island off the coast of Wilmington. There will only be 40 ladies…and 4 speakers…and a TON of fun. My pastor last night at our midweek house fellowship talked about how wisdom is worth way more than any amount of money so I am jumping in head first with this conference and hoping to gain as much wisdom from it as possible! Its going to be amazing and if you want to check it out you can go to You’ll be as blown away as I am , I promise.

On to some pictures…

I had the privilege of following the Todd kids around for a little bit on evening recently and watching them play through the lens of my camera. This family is really close to my heart because I have known them forever! I used to babysit Andrew, the oldest one when he was just a new born…so if it doesn’t make me feel old to see him as a 9 year old I don’t know what will!

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