It’s Me!

Well, I am having a really busy day…pictures to edit, meetings with 2 different brides, lunch with my lady friends (who I have missed terribly!), a work out to try and squeeze in, and I might even try to breathe sometime today so…nothing outside of the ordinary I guess!

Well, as I have mentioned before, I have been super fortunate for an opportunity to go to an all women photographers conference in February of next year. I cant tell you how excited I am and how much I feel like I have struck gold by being accepted to this conference! Its called Love Affair and the main point of it is that women have love affairs with a lot of things in their lives…their husbands, their children, their work, their church…a LOT of things…and how do you balance that out and still stay successful and content and growing? I desire SO much for my business to be a reflection of who I am and for that reflection to be desirable to the clients I have. I want people to feel comfortable with my style…to trust my judgment…and to LOVE what they get in the end. I know that my work and my job a a photographer may not “change peoples lives,” but I hope that it can at least affect them…maybe thats unrealistic, but Im holding on to that thought. 🙂

Any who, I had to fill out a survey for this conference because they are spotlighting each of the 40 women that are going (80 all together actually because there are 2 1 week sessions), I’ll let you know when its my week. 🙂 Heres the picture I submitted…thanks to my devastatingly hansom husband… 🙂

  1. Jessica says:

    I love your blog…it’s great…and I love that picture of you even more!

    I miss you and I’m SO proud of you!

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