Ashely & Michael

Im posting some pictures from Ashley and Michaels wedding that we did last week. Ashley and I went to high school together and played volleyball together, so…we had history. 🙂 She was several years younger than me but this girl definitely has her stuff together. Her heart and determination is amazing to see and its no wonder her sweet husband was attracted to her. This couple was really fun and when she walked down the isle to “Alleluia” (you know..the Third Day/ Michael W. Smith Version) that was sang by Joel Goddard…I got CHILLS! It was incredible and you could really just see how perfectly put together these two were. Here are a few of my favorite. Enjoy

*And We ALWAYS love to read comments too!

  1. Ashley says:

    melissa, i just can’t get over how wonderful the pictures from our wedding are. i find myself wanting to look at them every time i open my computer! thank you so much again. i really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to keeping up with more of your work in the future.

    you are a blessing! thank you! 🙂

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