More corn than you can shake a stick at…

Last week I was in Iowa to shoot a wedding and let me tell you, we encountered a LOT of corn..and by a lot I mean massive amounts of corn. It was crazy. 🙂 But the land was beautiful and so was the wedding so I thought I would post a few of my favorite shots. Kelly and Darren were a ton of fun and they have one of the most fun bridal parties we have seen. One really cool thing that happened (and you will see the hilarious exchange) was that a few years ago, Darren’s dad bought him an old rickety beat up worn down (you get the point) 1967 Ford Mustang. Well, his dad wanted to restore it for him and on the day of the wedding, his father handed him over the keys to the car. It was BEAUTIFUL! And it was really cool because Kelly had a few splashes of crimson red in her dress…which was the SAME color as the car (not done on purpose I must add). So…a lot of little touches like that helped make this day really special and really fun!

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