Voting …DAY 1

Okay..the anxiety of this contest lasting for 6 MORE DAYS is going to kill me and probably force my husband to just go purchase me an ipod so I dont get an ulcer (also…its really only 1/2 about the ipod now…im just competitive and hate to feel like I didnt do my best at something…) But here are the results for the constest so far my friends:

Photo # 1 (mine!) is in 2nd place
Photo # 2 (the baby one) is in 3rd place
Photo #3 (the gumball one) is in 1st

So keep rocking your vote (as my friend P Diddy would say…) and vote vote vote!!!!!! I believe that you can vote only onc per IP address so skip around and vote as much as yo ucan! Heres the address to vote for IMAGE # 1

  1. jjstar says:

    Your ahead right now!!

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