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Hey guys! Sorry its been so long since the last post, its been kind of crazy! I just wanted to say hello and tell everyone that we have some really cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks so keep dropping in (Jill… 🙂 ) to see whats going on…I cant talk about it right now..but its going to be really fun I promise!!!!!!!!!!! So…stay tuned!

Also, its almost Christmas! I cant believe it..and the fact that it feels like stink summer time outside doesn’t help put me in the Christmas mood! But what DOES put me in the Christmas mood is to hear really cool Christmas stories, and since TOMORROW starts the 12 days of Christmas, what I would like to do is to publish 1 Christmas memory story per day until Christmas along with a picture to go with that story, so if you have something good…PLEASE send it on! Post will start tomorrow night and run through Christmas! Please submit to the address below and I cant wait to hear what everyones favorite memories are!

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