12 more to go…

So as of today there are TWELVE days until Christmas! YIPPIE! I just love this time of year…the gifts are fun..and I LOVE the music (and thanks to XM103 Holly, I have been enjoying it since Halloween night!)..but the real reason for this season is Jesus and thats the sweetest gift of them all. Some of my fondest holiday memories involve my family and times where there were no gifts involved at all…and Im sure you will hear some of these stories in the next few weeks. We here at Melissa Pepin Photography are wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from Athens Ga this year and we are super excited about sharing our favorite holiday memories with you, as well as the memories of our friends and readers. So here is Day #12 submitted from Jillian Helleloid in Athens…you saw pictured of her and her hubby a few weeks ago from the tree farm, these two are a hoot! Heres Jill’s story! And feel free to leave comments!

DAY 12

My favorite Christmas memory is more of a favorite tradition. Every year my mom, dad, and I would get our Christmas tree and then the process of decorating it would begin. First, my dad puts the lights on the tree. Then, my mom and I would put fake snow on the tree (you know, the kind that comes in a spray can). We would use about 30 cans (I know it is a lot, but it always looks great!). Then, after the snow dried, my mom, dad, and I would put on the ornaments while listening to Niel Diamond’s Christmas CD and drinking Irish Coffees. When I got married my husband, Eric, also helped in decorating the tree. We would always decorate the tree as a family and I cant wait to share that tradition when I have children.
Here is the tree:

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