Day 10

10 day’s Left til CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE! Im so excited! Todays entry comes from Katie Moore in Athens, Ga. Here family is as sweet as pie and I think you all will get a kick out of this story! hahahaha Here ya go…. ENJOY!

day 10
by Katie Moore

My mom has always been a child at heart. But one Christmas my family and I had come down the stairs to the surprise of a shiny old-school pink bicycle with pink flowers in the basket. Seeing that I was in my twenties at the time, I knew that Santa must have made a mistake. Surely this was intended for the snotty-nosed kid next door. However, much to my astonishment, my fifty-something mom squealed with joy and immediately hopped on the seat! After about her third lap around the living room , clarity began to sink in. Apparently, my mother had always dreamed of a pink bicycle with flowers in the basket, and at long last her Christmas wish had come true. My father and I spent the remainder of the day watching my mom ride that pink bicycle up and down the street, while all the other kids were riding their shiny new Christmas bikes in her dust. I must say…this was not only one of my most memorable Christmas’ ever, it was the most fun present I never received!

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