Day 11

Sorry this is a little late but I am just able to get on here and its 11:18 pm…just enough time to post day 11’s story before day 11 is over! Todays story comes from Lydia Wells in Athens, Ga. This is more of a really cool conversation that she and I had today than her full on fav Christmas memory. (that will come later!) Her story offers a lot of perspective and how this season is not about hte ribbons and bows and stuffing yourself until your about to pop, but its about being grateful for your family, for those you are closest to, and for learning to love and give more…here’s her story…:

day 11
by Lydia wells

Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. I have memories of sleeping under the Christmas tree trying to catch a glimpse of Santa, big family breakfasts, waking up to my parents singing carols, and yes, even 24-hour drives across the country in order to surprise family (at my parents’ whim). It has always been a time of excitement, childhood fantasy, miracles…and a little magic.

The last two years, Christmas has lost it’s magic…..please, don’t misunderstand me here. I still believe in Santa and I still see the miracle of Christ and marvel in wonder at its beauty.

My husband and I have spent 3 Christmas seasons married. Each becoming more and more
drained of it’s Christmas magic. Traveling here and there – sprinting across the state….spending so much time away from our home that Christmas has become a chore. Combine this with law school and the demands and strain that it puts on life and you get our current state.

This year, as I write, I look around my house. No garland, no wreath, no lights, no tree, no nativity…a magic-less Christmas. A big part of me wants to cry and scream and fight and be angry about my loss of Christmas – how it is continually being stolen from our family. But, I recollect and realize that I still have my family – I still have my husband – our marriage has not splintered (as it easily could have) under the law school strain.

So, I’ll sacrifice the tree this year for my husband.


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