Day 9

I just LOVE that people everywhere are starting to get me their Christmas stories! This is getting me so excited about the Holiday and I feel like Im getting all of these really great ideas for gifts and new traditions to use next year! This next story is from Bridgette McConnell in Stillwater, MN and she tells us about when her family christmas tree decorating tradition gets a little out of hand! This story is a mix of Bridgette and her daughter Jillians versions of it so…enjoy!!!!

Day 9
By Bridgette McConnell (The Leader of the Pack… :))

It was time to put up the Tree and my husband brought it(the REAL tree) in from the Garage. The tree was bigger than in the past but, he managed to get it in.. We have always gotten a Blue Spruce, and this year was no exception. Scott put the tree in the stand and we heard a bunch of needles drop. Well, not to worry because we flock the tree (cover it with white spray snow, the kind in the can) and that holds the needles on the tree.

Jillian, my daughter, and I started to flock the tree and it started to lean a little. Well, Dad to the rescue! He picked the tree up and made it stand up right again, and we went back to flocking. We paused so that he could put the lights on and then… we went back to flocking. But the needles kept falling and the tree kept leaning. This continued for a few minutes, until it took a turn for the worse. WOW, finally Jillian was putting on the last ornament and that is when the tree decided to fall over. She was quick to jump out of the way and was not hurt. BUT, lots of the ornaments had fallen, what to do???? Well, Dad to the rescue again, he put the tree back up, this time he anchored it to the wall with rope that he attached and wrapped around the tree itself! Wow, the thing we will do for a Christmas Tree! Well, throughout the 3 week’s that the tree was up, the needles kept falling, by the time new year came and we put the tree out to be picked up all the needles were gone. I think the bolts are still in the wall to this day…
  1. CityStreams says:

    I just discovered your Christmas stories! How fun!! I feel inspired to post my own Christmas story at my blog. Can’t wait to read more :o)

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