On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Day 8 comes from my sweet sweet husband Anthony (i say this having NOT yet read what he wrote so…depending on what his story is about, i might take it back! 🙂 just kidding. 🙂 ) enjoy (and Im reading this for the first time with you all too. 🙂 )

by Anthony Pepin

My favorite Christmas memory happened about 4 years ago. All of my brothers and sisters (there are 8 of us), their families, my mom, my fiance and I got together to celebrate the day with presents and Christmas dinner. So, early that morning we all arrived at my mom’s house and everybody settled into opening presents. I got my gift from my secret Santa….. thermal socks. Definitely a must in northeast Georgia (for the love of God note the sarcasm!!!) It was the only gift I got that year from my family (other than Melissa of course). We set up tables in my mom’s living room and everyone ate at the table this year. Normally we just sat on the floor or wherever there was room. We had coffee and wine with dessert. And as I sat there watching my family laugh and enjoying spending time together, I realized what I had been missing all these years. I got to have my family back together for one day and there was no arguing or bickering amongst us. We were simply being a family. I was spending the first of what I hope to be many Christmas’s (i guess that’s how you make it plural) with the woman who’s now my wife. God has truly blessed me with an amazing family and I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to understand why He chose us to allow His son to come here and die for our sins. Maybe when I get to heaven one day, I’ll ask. Merry Christmas and let us all remember the true reason we celebrate this year.

  1. jjstar says:

    That is an amazing story!

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