The new year begins…

Hi everyone! I hope the New Year festivities were good to you all and that your 2008 has been awesome so far! We spent our New Years Eve working with a super cool couple at their wedding at the Foundry Park Inn and it was amazing! The flowers, the cakes, everything…it was great! Those pictures will be posted in the next few days so be on the lookout, I have some to post now though from a family shoot I did this week. Anna is a fan of the Gabriel Kelley Band whose promo pictures i shot in the spring before they went off to Nashville this summer and she saw our work with them and called me about doing a family session for her, her sister, and her mother…along with their 2 super cute dogs. These pups were so cute and were SOOOOOO well behaved the whole time, it was nuts! Anywho, here are a few of our favorites from the shoot. We have a bunch of cool stuff coming up so, stay tuned!

* p.s. our new action is on the fritz…and will be posted on the next set of pictures we put up..and by on the fritz I mean operator malfunction, I have to figure out how the darn thing works! 🙂

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