And now deep thoughts…by Jack Handy…

Okay not really by Jack Handy..but any of your hard core Saturday Night Live fans will get that one. Things are great when I new year starts…its like you get a chance to re-do everything you screwed up or missed out on the year before…and this year I am REALLY trying to take advantage of that opportunity. The ladies at Love Affair are encouraging us all to get a journal and they are going to start giving us topics to write about next week so we can start preparing our hearts and heads for this workshop…I feel like its going to be just as much of a spiritual journey as it is a professional business journey…and I’m really excited about that..and really in need of it. Just like its really encouraging to be around people that love Jesus…I know that a majority of the women in my week at Love Affair love being around people that love the Lord and do what I do is something thats probably going to rock my whole world and I’m praying for a new perspective. The 2 year anniversary of MPP is coming up on February 1st and I cant believe its been 2 years…there are days when I’m like “Its been 2 WHOLE YEARS!” and others when Im like “Its only been 2 years…you kiddin me? It feels like a lifetime!” To be completly candid…this career has left me super encouraged and happy and joyful so many time..but at other times its left me feeling insignificant, helpless…and hopeless… with a job like mine there is always some one better than you…always someone who has more equipment or who is more creative..and living in that world of comparison can really rip you apart….and there have been days when I have let it to that to me. But I’m so excited about this year! I have sat down and stated a list of goals I have for this year with my business…and some with my personal life. I want to learn more…be a sponge…but not be sensitive to criticism… I want to book more weddings…they are my real passion….more portraits..they are my chance to CREATE and plan and chart out how I want to shoot…and I want to be a better friend to each person I meet. So, I’m starting this year out with Donald Miller..who I essentially give credit to for my husband and I getting married…if you want the story I will gladly share it…but for those of you who don’t care..I will spare you. 🙂 (Morgan you know allll about this! Scary cab driver and all! hhehehehe ) and with a pen in my hand and I’m ready to see God work…I appreciate your prayers and just know that when I look back on 2008 in December..I know God will have done more than I could ever have expected Him to do…He never fails to amaze me. 🙂

  1. Sonny says:

    Waitaminute – how is that copy of SEARCHING FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT not completely dog-eared from multiple readings?

    Feh. Go read thee some Donald Miller, greatest photographer ever! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Mr.Lemmons, you’ll be glad to know that the book shown in the picture is my SECOND copy. 🙂 The first one was mangled and tattered and lost in the craziness that was buying a I had to go out and buy yet…another copy. 🙂