Post Holiday Relaxation alert!

Hello everyone! Im super excited about this so lets get on with it! Today I am going to start having contests and give aways on my blog! YIPPIE! I want the contests to get bigger and better as they go so make sure you stay tuned in with the new stuff we have happening here and keep yours eyes open for more of these super fun things to come!

*Since we are fresh out of the Christmas season and some of us are still packing things up and getting them ready for their 11 months of storage in the attic, I thought this would be a fitting way to close out a fantastic holiday season! We all have gotten them…we have all seen people wearing them…and every time we kind of tilt out heads and go…” wow….”….Im talking about CHRISTMAS sweaters!!!!!!! Those really loud and boisterous ones that make you laugh on Q! For this contest, I want you to submit to me, pictures of the absolute WORST (aka..funniest!) Christmas/New Years sweater that you have seen(by the has to be ON someone..not just laying in a box!). The contest will run through next Monday (Jan 28th) and the winner will be announced next week….

The prize for this super fun contest is going to be a $50.00 gift certificate to the spa nearest you…who doesnt want a little post holiday pampering???!!! So make sure you submit your picture with your name and contact information to by next Monday night at midnight, I cant wait to see what you guys can come up with!!!!

  1. Lyndie says:

    I really need the massage! Can it be an old picture?