Southern Road Productions…


This week we took some downtown Athens night shots for our friends Matt Moore…and Matt Bozeman who just started a new Videography business here in town. They are a full scale videography business doing everything from small family events to big full fledge Weddings and Galas. These two are a trip and a great team to work with. If you need a videographer, definitely talk to these guys..they are NOT just your normal ole boring video. :)Matt B and his fiance Kasey are getting married this year and were shooting there be on the lookout for more stuff on them… Matt M.’s wife, Katie is one of our assistants here at MPP and we had a really good time getting some fun night time and silhouette shots for SRP’s new Bludomain website thats going to be launch VERY soon! Stay tuned in here and I will let you know when it rolls out! Anywho..these are some of my favorites from that night…

  1. Nicole says:


    These pictures are so GREAT!!! It is great to see you using the blessing God has given you to bless others!!

    Nicole Ferguson