Contest Update…for REAL this time..

So last night I typed up a little thing about our contest winner being Jessica Mann…well Anthony thought it would be funny to do a little editing and said that Jessica didnt count! Shesh! He thought it would be funny…but nonetheless..he made a winner grumpy. 🙂 Anywho…I emailed Jessica last night to see about getting a copy of the picture that she sent me with the horrible Christmas sweaters..because it got put in the ole recycling bin here on my computer and I cant recover it! BUT, while I was digging through some pictures on my desktop I stumbled upon THIS picture that Jessica sent me a while back..and low and behold…there are Christmas sweaters in this picture…and I decided that for a million and one reasons…THIS is the one I want to post! 🙂 hahahaha SO, Jessica Mann in Wilmington, NC….please contact us today about your spa gift certificate and we’ll mail it out today!

p.s. this photo is circa 1988