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New lighting and I LOVE it! Im 3 weeks away from one of the greatest experiences of my life..LOVE AFFAIR! And I cant wait..i have been gathering my thoughts, my equipment..and my sanity in order to go into this workshop with a bang and I am LOVING IT! Lauren Clark gave me a lead about getting a set of Pocket Wizards and I used them a LOT today with a few shoots I had at Reynolds..which you will see more of later…but I also took my beautiful assistant Katie…you all know her..shes the one that fluffs your dresses and makes sure your mom doenst go crazy. :0 We love Katie! But she was a sport and we even made a little slide show from our day..which I wont post for Katie’s sake…although its really stinkin cute! 🙂 But here are a few of my favs. 🙂 Thanks Lauren and I LOVE my PW’s already!