Wrappin up love affair style…

Well, i cant believe Im saying this but Love Affair is almost over…I am SOOOOOOOO sad!
This has been one of the best investments i have ever made for my business and I am so excited to get home and show myself and everyone else what new and exciting stuff I have planned. if there is anything that I have learned and taken to heart from this workshop its that there is a balance that we all need to maintain in our life…somewhere between chaos and calm …between rigid and flimsy….between hard and soft..and I am excited to find out where that is for me and what new stuff its going to bring. Here are a few images from yesterdays shooting…we had an incredible difficult day shooting….things just happened to prevent anyone from really shining in theire images…lights wouldnt work..times got mixed up…just a whole bunch of stuff but I think that through it all it really pushed me to be better..and for that Im really happy. 🙂 Tonight is the finale here and the girls have something really secret and surprise-y for us at diner so….I will update later and let ou all know what went down. Have a good night and I will be back soon!

p.s. i finally got my images larger on my blog!!!! So enjoy and forgive me if it takes a while to get them all the same size!

  1. DANIELA says:



    (CITATION NEEDED) http://www.danielahales.blogspot.com

  2. lauren clark says:

    Melissa, it was so great to have you here.

  3. brooke schwab photography says:


    I loved meeting you! You are an amazing woman…and to have you close by at the workshop was awesome. Your images are wonderful. I love the last picture esp.

    Talk soon!

  4. lroah says:

    THat photo of Melissa is so aweome – make sure that she sees that one! I so loved meeting you – you are just too fabulous! I am so impressed you have already been out playing with lights!