mmmmmmmmm this week has been totally crazy and…off key if you will. We have never done things the..traditional way around here so why I would expect that we would be rational about ANYTHING makes no sense to me…shesh. 🙂 So..this week we started accidentally looking for studio space. i dont really want to get into backdrops and such as far as using the space for shooting..but more somewhere I can get in and out of to meet clients..edit images…take phone calls…pretty much separate my home from my work. Great concept…who’d of thunk it?! So thats been going on…at the same time Im sitting here nipping at the bit as I wait for my new canvases to get here that I ordered….and for an album to arrive via Fed Ex….AND trying to avoid editing images…so its been a fun filled day of pretty much avoiding work. 🙂 hehehehehe I was sitting here… checking..and emailing several super duper brides back who have sent me inquiries..when this overwhelming desire for a big fat juicy piece of Bubblicious grape flavored bubble gum hit me like a ton of bricks!!! It was my favorite as a kid and at this point..I would pretty much take out the UPS man if he came to my door chewing a piece and didnt have more to share.. mmmmmmm grape bubble um…GEEZE! Am I really going to have to go to the convenience store up the street to buy an entire sugar filled, teeth rotting pack just for 1 lone solitary piece????!!!! probably…

well and since stories arent as entertaining when unaccompanied by pictures..i decided to post a few of myself when I was at this grape bubble gum addiction stage. 🙂 I was the pudgy kid with a mullet… child cruelty at its finest im telling ya… have a good day!

  1. laurie says:

    okay you gave me my official laugh for the day!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    WOW girl! Good for you!

    And you were a CUTE little girl!!!

  3. JillianInGA says:

    You are crazy 🙂