Gotta love new gear….

Meet my new lens. 🙂 Im so stinkin excited because I am always looking for good deals and fabulous equipment to add to my ever growing collection..and so Im really excited about this lens. Its a good ole prime , wide angle lens and Im super excited about shooting with it and following the wisdom that Ms.Davina Fear bestowed upon me at Love Affair… “Get LOW and WIDE” 🙂

And Love Affair just keeps on giving me more for my money because all of us girls in week 1 have started a friendly forum that Millie and Davina have recently jumped on board with..but we all talk about everything photography and a lot about our own families and personal lives..i miss these girls SOOOOOO much its crazy..but its been awesome to talk to them all at least once a day! All this to say that the beautiful Carmen from Blink of an Eye photography in Dayton, Ohio is selling me this lens and I cant wait to get it! yippie! Thanks Carmen!

  1. laurie c says:

    what’s up with the first commenter?? when I clicked the here or here my computer responded with a message stating my computer my be infected with a virus or it may be damaged it wanted to run something to check it? I shut it down immediately and I think it is fine but this is the second time I ran across a commment like this on your blog???
    Good Luck tomorrow!!!!!I can’t wait to see your images!