My lovely ladies….

I just wanted to post a few pics from yesterday…its Easter so Im not going to spend all day editing or on my computer…although Im SUPER pumped about the pictures we got yesterday during our model shoot….and I CANT wait to dig through them! BUT, Im going to pry myself away so I can go spend time with my family today… 🙂 My husband Anthony was AMAZING yesterday and he rocked out on my reflector…thank you Lauren Clark for showing us how to bootleg a GIANT reflector at Love Affair because it was WAY more awesome than just the plan ole reflector disks that I have..that i spent WAY more money on… and the girls were AMAZING! 🙂 We were all sooooooooooooooo tired when we got done…but I promise it was worth it and I cant wait for everyone to see the images. 🙂 But in the mean are 2 pics from the end of the day…2 group shots..i love these ladies and they were amazing all day long. 🙂 Have a good easter everyone!

  1. laurie c says:

    love it melissa you did a great job!