Vikki’s Bridals….


Everyone, meet Vikki! We went out to shoot Vikki’s bridals this week and it was a BLAST! After a near hair disaster….we pulled her bobby pens out…shook her hair around..and let the wind do the rest and everything turned out beautiful! We were running a little late when we got there and only had time and daylight for 1 location..but when I got to Vikki’s apartment, i saw these staircases that were letting off some really cool shadows and threw out some really neat lines, and she was super to work with and had no problem following every crazy idea I had! Vikki is one of those brides that makes being photographer super easy because the camera loves her…. we’re shooting her and her fiance, Michael’s wedding at the end of May and we couldnt be more excited…we’ve known this couple a long time and we are so pumped to be a part of their BIG DAY…its been a long time coming and we are so stinkin happy for them!!! Here are a few of the favorites from Vikki’s shoot…

  1. Lydia says:


  2. laurie says:

    wow..these are awesome!!!!! I leave this coming sunday for CT…small town girl in a big city…haha!

  3. Missy says:

    I love these!

  4. ASchill says:

    LOVE THESE. Stellar job Melissa with one “P”.