Just another Saturday night….

So…tonight Anthony and I had NO PLANS….. which we then tend to turn into CRAZY PLANS…I dont know why it always works that way…but it does. So this afternoon we were working at a charity event for the Mercy Clinic here in Athens where we both LOVE to volunteer…(this place is awesome so you guys check it out)… Well when it was over we realized that it had been forever since we didnt have anything to do…so I looked at Anthony and said… “I think I want to get my nose pierced!” Well..if you know my husband you know he is very driven and once he has set his mind to it..its as good as done…so next thing I know we’re at American Classic tattoo and piercing here in Athens, Ga. and in signing a waiver! my friend Missy used them when she got her last tattoo and said that they were awesome….so I was feeling like we were in good hands (which is totally comforting when you are about to be stabbed through the head with a GIANT needle!!! ) 🙂 So…we brought along the camera to document the whole night…here you go.. 🙂

*side note..this weekend I purchased Boutwell’s Totally Rad Actions and Im still experimenting so pardon the construction on my images. 🙂

Heres American Classic…the cleanest and nicest tattoo parlor (???) Ive ever been to!

Anthony’s got the fever… so he scoped out the work these artist have done…


I loved all the fun lighting inside American Classic…these people did it up right when it came to decorating! Oh…and on the back door, the one that looks like a mirror..they had a sign that said “pirate” instead of “private” it made me laugh..a LOT! HA!

Alrighty…it was my turn and this is Mark…he is the owner and he was very thorough in making sure everything was safe and clean and in tip top shape for me to get pierced… 


This is me playing scared for the camera…

This is me REALLY scared for the camera…

Here we goooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wont lie..it hurt like a BEAST!

hahahahahah! This is totally my take on that old school crazy movie Hellraiser… cant really remember the movie but I know a guy had pens sticking out of his head everywhere…. but…Mark told me to make a mean face…there are totally tears in my eyes though..I couldnt keep them from watering!

whew…glad that was over…

Mark cleaned me up and got me ready to head out of the door…he was SOOOO gentle and totally talked me through the whole thing…it was great!

And we finish it off with a picture..of course… this is me with Mark and Josh, his apprentice…

So if any of you guys out there are thinking about getting your nose pierced….or considering a new tattoo…i HIGHLY recommend these guys…and make sure that you tell them that we sent you! Thanks guys!

  1. Photographs By Tiffany says:

    You go Girl!!
    That is an awesome post!! 🙂
    What’s up for next Saturday night!? 🙂
    You are so fun!

  2. laurie says:

    yiiikkkess!! I totally cringed…I could never do it! I want to see more pics 🙂

  3. Missy says:

    I love it! I also totally love American Classic!!!!!!!!!!! Those guys rock the house! Tell Anthony we can get new tattoos together!

  4. ASchill says:

    I’m jealous! I used to have my nose pierced in college and I loved it. Ben hated it but I still miss it to this day.