Oh the possibilities…

So a few of you know….we are looking for studio space! YIPPIE! We are not looking for a space to shoot a ton..even though the layout we have planned out in our minds would allow for a few really fun shooting options…but were not looking to do backgrounds and all that jazz…but more so a place where you can come meet with me…view your proofs…pick up your images and albums…and just plan hang out with me and chat over a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine…its MY space…why not! hehehehe). So I thought I would dedicate this blog post to the possibilities..i feel like this year I have taken so many risks and they are all paying off remarkably…so this is the next obvious step
and were really excited about it and all the great opportunities it could bring. But with this next step..it also brings more overhead costs…more responsibility…and more chances for me to FREAK OUT if I have a slow month..so I just want to ask for you all to pray a few things for us..they are the following.. 🙂 hehehe

Pray that we make the right choice about the right location at the right time!
Pray that we will constantly get new clients that we can serve
Pray that we are able to be successful in this en devour and that my family, friends, and current clients are all able to benefit from this next step.

The location we are looking into is in Annsonburrough on the east side of Athens and its a really great place. They have a TON of new businesses moving in to this brand new location and I think it could be a great place for us to be! Check out their website and let us know what you think! We have been dealing with mr.Chuck Gallis who developed the entire complex and he has been absolutly wonderful! We can wait to see how this all turns out and I really appreciate all of you who make this kind of expansion possible…and by the way..if we get in this space (it would be around June/July-ish) we would have one hell of a grand opening!

Take a look through their website… www.ansonboroughofathens.com

And since blog posts are boring with out pictures… I thought I would post a picture of our sweet sophie…this is when she was just a puppy…but this weekend Anthony is out of town so I get to be cuddled by my puppies tonight…so I thought I would stroll down memory lane with this picture… you guys have a great weekend!!!