New Bridal Folders…

Well…they are not actually folders at all! 🙂 I have had the HARDEST time trying to come up with something that will allow me to package my material that I had out to our brides (contracts….bridal worksheets…you get the drift) and I think Ive FINALLY found it! 🙂 I ordered GIANT..and I mean GIANT envelopes in Chocolate and round cream colored labels and a flower stamp (that makes our logo!) and its all finally come in. So here is pretty much how our new packets will look. Its super cute and really nicely put together, but we are stamping each individual label with our flower emblem AND they will all be embossed (2 more weeks til my new embosser comes it!) around the flower… I hope you guys like it and Im excited to start handing them out! I hope you all like the colors tying in with our new logo and I promise..we wont change this for a while!

Here is the cute flower stamp…sans embossing…

And here it is all together. 🙂 Simply…classy…fun.. 🙂 I love it.

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Melissa!!! I found you on here!! I remembered you said you had a blog. Sorry to be so weird but I called Tara and she didnt call me back with your e-mail or phone number. ANYWHO, I got a call Sunday night and am working on all that this weekend. Wish me luck or rather say lots of prayers. I’m totatlly freaking out!! Oh and my regular e-mail is and cell is 404-661-1377. I have a blog but i dont check it that much:)

  2. katealtmix says:

    love the color combo, nice choice! looks like you’ve got some awesome packets!

  3. stacie lee says:

    love it Melissa!