Sneak peek….

Dave and Melissa’s wedding was SOOOO much fun. These two are so much fun and they love each other so much..i cant wait to tell their wedding story through these images! These are just a few to wet your whistle until I have their slide show together…she was so beautiful and Dave was so handsome…and he had so much hair…MMM! 🙂 hehehe Love you Dave and Im working on that editing we talked about right now! hahah enjoy! more to come shortly…

  1. CityStreams says:

    Wow! That last one is simply gorgeous Melissa! I’m so impressed! I really, REALLY, want you to do some family pictures for us this summer when we’ll be in town visiting. Do you have any spots available?

  2. JillianInGA says:

    LOVE THEM! 🙂 Cant wait to see more!!!

  3. mroghelia says:

    Hey they look great !