I MUST be out of my mind….MUST BE!!!

Alrighty..so most of you guys know my story already…I did my moms bootcamp in July and i have lost a whopping 30 LBS since then…okay…but the losing has stopped and …BLAH..Im at a stand still…

Sooooooo this weekend..Im doing ANOTHER bootcamp at my moms gym..its crazy intense and takes a LOT of blood sweat and tears to get through..literally the hardest thing I have ever done… but Im excited about doing it because I left feeling more that just a few pounds lighter…I left feeling like I had overcome my biggest obstacle… myself. Weight loss sucks in general..but when you prove to yourself you can do it..its like a big ole fat endorphin rush and it makes you feel like you can accomplish ANYTHING…so Im doing it again… maybe this will help jump start the next 30…

All this to say..if you dont hear back from me by Monday or Tuesday… Im dead. 🙂
Check out my moms site and the decatur boxing gym site for details on the next bootcamp in June or July…which I will probably be at..because apparently I like torturing myself… 🙂

  1. laurie c says:

    ok it’s sunday night i’m looking forward to seeing how it went!

  2. Katie says:

    I can’t wait to hear about it! If it wasn’t for my recital, I would’ve so been there! Next time, I’m in!

  3. Kathleen Casey M says:

    I didn’t get to ask you about your boot camp experience when we were @ Aromas! Katie and I decided we are so totally in next time…so this morning I looked at your mom’s site to figure out when it is, and my stinkin’ cousin is getting married that same weekend in June…

    What are the chances there’ll be another one sometime in July/August? I bet that’ll be hot as shoot, tho… 🙂