Melissa and Dave’s Wedding

Last weekend we shot Melissa and Dave’s wedding and it was such a great time! I just love these two to death and I just know that their marriage is going to be a really happy one. We like those. 🙂 From the time we got there until the time we left, everyone was so amazing to us and just had the best time! It was a really fun reception full of lots of dancing and good food (YUM!) and everything went off without missing a beat.

Whats really cool about these two is being able to physically see how much they love one another…Melissa had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding with beautiful flower arrangements (I should admit Pearland florist did his best) and last Saturday was a raining…mucky mess. Dave paced back and forth for the 30 minutes leading up to the ceremony hoping that the rain would hold off so that Melissa wouldn’t be disappointed…(and it did!). Seeing Dave so concerned for Melissa’s “dream” made me smile. 🙂

They were both so wonderful! What a fun couple… Congrats Melissa and Dave!

here are some of our fav’s

p.s. sorry for the weird sizes of these having blog issues..grrrr. 🙂

This is my friend Malin from The Heart is Found Photography in Atlanta. She’s an awesome child and baby photographer and she was Melissa’s childhood friend…we had the best time at the wedding and this image is SOOOO Malin!

  1. laurie says:

    good job melissa…LOVE outside weddings!!

  2. CityStreams says:

    They’re beautiful! As usual :o)