Why I love UPS…

So UPS and FedEx are regular guest at my office…I see them all the time and even though typically whatever they are bringing is usually something I have ordered and I have anticipated until its arrival… today was a little different. 🙂

I just posted about Melissa and Dave Shinn and how stinkin fabulous they have been through this whole wedding process and how much fun we had working with them and their families leading up to their BIG DAY…well low and behold, I see the big brown van pulling in and I see a big old box from Harry and David’s…from Melissa and Dave!!!!

Inside the box is a BEAUTIFUL 4 tiered gift set with white chocolate bars, German choc. bars, peanut butter bars, lemon cookies, choc cake…mints…and PEARS..along with about a million other items.. Im totally blown away..and the wrapping was so beautiful I had to show EVERYONE!

Here’s the spread they sent…after I tore into it like a kid at Christmas! 🙂 hehehehe

I couldnt decide who my first victim in this yummy battle would be…but I have heard a million billion amazing things about Harry and David’s pears…so… I chose this little guy to head up the front. 🙂

Thank you SOOOOOOO much Melissa and Dave…we love you guys and are taken back by your generosity and kindness.. 🙂

Its days like today and times like this when I feel like our little business is doing something right.. 🙂