Lyndie and James: Maternity

Everyone, meet Lyndie and James… 🙂 Lyndie is in the home stretch of her pregnancy and we couldnt be more excited! We met up with them on Saturday evening for a super fun shoot and they came well equipped with their own ideas and a few really cool spots they had scouted out this week leading up to the shoot. The live in the super cute down of Madison, Ga. Its full of really beautiful shops, some crazy old buildings, and one of the cutest little ice cream parlors ever! Thats where we are some of our favorites…

pickles and ice cream eh..??? 🙂 yum….

This was just inside the entry way into the ice cream shop…you know we are allllll about some green and brown around here at MPP… so I couldnt help but get them in front of this wall. 🙂 hehehe

A little dancing in the streets never hurt anyone…especially when you have a crazy photographer humming the “sanford and son” theme song trying to get you to laugh and dance…hehehehehe

beautiful mom all by herself….

with her PERFECT pregnant belly….

some snuggle time with the papa to be…

Congrats Lyndie and James!!! We couldnt be more excited for you guys and we cant wait to meet little Sadie! You can view their slide show HERE and stay tuned bloggers, Im sure she’ll make a fabulous “hello world!” appearance on here in a month…OR LESS!!!

  1. laurie says:

    maternity sessions are soo much fun!

  2. Matt and Katie Moore says:

    Wow, these are adorable. I can’t wait until you do maternity shots for me and Matt! I particularly love their slideshow…the song suited them perfectly!!!

  3. CityStreams says:

    These are great! My favorite is the dancing in the streets shot. Where were these taken?

  4. Dianne Hollandsworth says:

    Very cute and very sweet and romantic !!! Dianne Hollandsworth