Im Lame….wah wah

Hi everyone,

Sorry its been so long since our last post..this week has been a crazy one….I still have a few family sessions to blog and a few other things..then next month starts a long list of engagement shoots too so..I promise this hiatus will not be continual. 🙂 This week…my main monitor blew I had to go get a new one…this week I had a doctors appointment (which are NEVER fun…no matter what your going for)…and this week I haven’t slept much….but THIS weekend we are having a big ole movie night under the stars in our back yard if your in Athens and want to come watch a fun movie in a fun setting..we’ve rented an old fashioned popcorn machine, so just bring a picnic and a blanket and join us!

Okay..more pictures to come tomorrow.. 🙂

  1. JillianInGA says:

    Were you really up at 5:30 this morning???? You are CRAZY!!! 🙂

  2. stacielee says:

    Sounds like fun, Melissa!

    Hope you get some rest!

  3. bev says:

    I’m loving your pics.