Movies on the Lawn night

Saturday was super fun and a great way to start the summer off! Relaxing with friends and watching funny movies and being outside the whole time! Here is a little bit of how it all went down…

This is Gracie…she came with our friend Derek

This is Cody….who also came with Derek…..

Cody wore off on Charlie and the next thing we all looked like we had a jail cell full of puppies! hahahha it was hilarious!

We rented an old fashion popcorn machine and it was SOOOO good…

everyone just sat out blankets and chairs and their picnics and ate and listened to music and chit chatted until it got dark…. by the time the movie was over we had around 25 ppl there…it was so fun!

These are our some of our neighbors Jessica and Sam.. 🙂

Anthony was SOOOOO excited about the movie starting. 🙂 hehehe

This was how it was set up and the screen was HUGE!

And the wonderful ever glowing popcorn machine had many a visitor that night…. good times had by all. 🙂

Thanks everyone for coming out..we definitely plan on doing it again before the summer is out…yippie!

  1. FRANDA says:


  2. laurie crutchfield says:

    wish I could have come sniff siff 🙂

  3. The Mixon's says:

    That looked so fun!!! Wish we could have come.

  4. stacielee says:

    oh so fun, we’re doing an outdoor family movie night too- starting the last day of school! Your post makes me excited to start!