Sadie Grace MIller

Alrighty..Im like SUPER behind on blogging so there are going to be a TON of posts coming up in the next day or so..i promise..and please hold me to that. 🙂 Sadie was born just last week and we went to the hospital on her 2nd day in this world to grab a few pictures of her for the new mom and dad. James and Lyndie were on here just a few weeks ago because we did a big ole maternity shoot with them and low and is their new daughter! Shes beautiful… 🙂 Here are a few from the first 48 with James and Lyndie…

I love Sadie’s face in this one…its so funny! 🙂 She just looks exhausted!

The happy family..

And we had to get in on the action too….

  1. missy says:

    I just love these! It kills me how great they all look!

  2. Matt and Katie Moore says:

    Alright, she just gave birth and she still looks hot! Rarr you, Lyndie!