Nicole & Cullen:Engaged!

Everyone, meet Nicole and Cullen! We shot their E-session this week and it was so much fun! These two are the perfect example of why filling out our bridal surveys in detail is SUPER important..because we were able to plan their session around the things we learned about them both from their surveys and incorporate a lot of fun things into their shoot and BOY was it fun! Nicole and I have spent countless hours gabbing and chatting about anything and everything under the start and Cullen is more your silent type..but when you get him talking…he is a barrel of laughs! These two love each other so much and the more I watched them interact..the more it became outright apparent that they are a perfect fit together. Cullen treats Nicole like she’s …fragile and delicate…its really sweet to watch. 🙂 And Nicole lets Cullen be the protector. She really embraces his being a man…she really respects him. We are RIDICULOUSLY excited about shooting their wedding in stay tuned for Nicole’s Bridals and their wedding in the near future. 🙂 With really is a love thing….

Nicole said that one of her favorite things Cullen does for fold laundry. Its her arch nemesis of all of the household chores and Cullen gladly folds and stacks the laundry for I thought it fitting that we make our first stop be somewhere that would REALLY help us see how much they loved each other… the laundromat…hehehehehe

Can we talk about this big ole ring!???!! Its stunning!

Then it was off to my new secret hideaway…. 🙂

We ended the night with a fantastic dinner at their favorite restaurant, Harry Bissett’s. The food was awesome and we had the best time talking and eating…a LOT!

And lastly… Cullen’s birthday was the day before our shoot so we snuck in a little “Happy Birthday” singing after dinner…

Thanks Nicole and Cullen for a super fun night together…we love you guys already and cant wait to hang out again ASAP! To see their slide show…click HERE

  1. says:

    Great job. Love the ones at the laundry place. 🙂

  2. laurie says:

    you gotta take me to the secret hiding place!! 🙂 i love these shots, ok now I have to go watch the slideshow 🙂