Without further ado…(???)

Here are Vikki and Michael! We shot their wedding on May 31st in Athens and it was the best time ever! We laughed a lot…and we just feel in love with everyone involved in this wedding! The food was great..the music was awesome..the friends and family were so much fun..it couldn’t have been any better in my opinion! It was perfect! We have known these two since Anthony and I FIRST started dating so that Saturday was super special for us and for everyone involved..they have been together FOREVER and we were all soooo excited to see them married! He was finishing pharmacy school (with Anthony) and she was finishing her masters degree and had been busy changing the school district she was teaching in..AND they have been planning a wedding so…now we wish them smooth sailing and a super happy, fun, and RELAXING summer! We love you guys! Here are some of our favorites from their wedding…and click HERE to see their slide show…

  1. Sky Fleming says:

    Great pics! Keep it up.

  2. stacie says:

    lookin’ good Melissa!

    have a great weekend!

  3. laurie says:

    these are awesome…rock it girl!! 3 more weeks and you’ll be here!k

  4. Matt and Katie Moore says:

    This wedding was an absolute blast! Good luck Vikki and Michael!