Im needy!

Alrighty…one big thing that we have been busy with this week is putting together a proposal for an ad agency for a shoot that we may have next week…well…we are looking for several models so…anyone interested please email me!!! BUT…craigslist can bring many an interesting folk when you put a request on there…so…my assistant Katie and her husband Matt (from Southern Road Productions) found my ad and THIS is what I got from Matt in my email box…someone remind me to preface my advertisements next time! hahahahahah I love you guys!

Heres what the email said:

Hi. I’m a hot young model looking for a new gig that pays some fat cash…I have the ability to grow a beard on the spot, so I’m pretty damn awesome.

If that wasnt convincing enough…Here’s me putting out some sexy vibe…

You’re Welcome,


  1. laurie says:

    cracking me up… guys are 2 funny…hope u got to relax a little!

  2. Kathleen Casey M says:

    I think he should be asked for a swimsuit shot…

    …and I think we both know just what KIND of ‘swimsuit’ I’m referring to…

  3. Matt and Katie Moore says:

    I am so humiliated…