Ole and Toril: All the way from Norway!

Meet Ole and Toril everyone! This couple is super special because they flew all the way from Norway just to get married here in Athens! Thats crazy!!!! But we love it… 🙂

I was contacted (from Norway) by Ole who told me that he and Toril were die hard REM fans and they thought that nothing would make their wedding more memorable than to clump the wedding and honeymoon all together and go on to several REM shows while they finished up the current leg of their US tour…how fun is that???!!! They started in New York and went to shows all down the east coast until they got to Athens. Once here they stopped for a few days to rest, get married, and visit REM’s “homeland”. They were planning on ending their super fun trip with a few shows in Tennessee and then back home they flew! It was such a fun shoot and it was getting ready to rain..so it was MUCH cooler than normal…until the end of the shoot..then that good ole Georgia sun started to shine sending us all running indoors! Here are a few of our favorites from the shoot…we love you Ole and Toril and we hope that we helped make your trip to the US even more special! Congrats and happy travels!!!!

This is them coming out of the courthouse as a newly married couple!!!!

The steeple at Oconee Street…a must see for REM fans….

Next stop…Weaver D’s…I mean..Automatic for the People y’all!!!

Can we talk about how hot her shoes are???!!!

Then to Chick Music downtown..where REM has bought equipment and last minute must haves over all of their years…I also worked here in college forEVER…so…we had to go there! 🙂