It’s official….

Its official Ladies and Gentlemen! We have studio space!!!!!! YIPPIE!

We are SOOOOOOOOOO excited to open a space that will allow us to get our offices out of our home (we have really loved meeting with people here and our puppies will definitely miss all of the free lovin they get from our clients when they come by…) and into a new space. Poor Anthony has yard envy and our lack-o-grass pushed him on the hunt to find a space that would fit us perfectly…and WE FOUND IT!!!! 🙂 Can you tell we’re excited????

We will not be doing a lot of shooting inside the studio, although we will have some super cool, crazy patterened backdrops for the occasional photo booth opportunity…and maybe a few headshots. Its mostly going to be a place for us to meet all of you and talk about your weddings or your portrait sessions and such…and a place for us to do all the daily business stuff…AND a chance for us to set semi-normal business hours (…um…hmm..what are those??? 🙂 ) in hopes that there can be a really great balance between our home life and this crazy-fun-super-exciting career… 🙂

We are taking the month of July to move in…paint…furnish..and settle in to the space, but (as of right now…) we are planning a HUGE grand opening party for everyone to come celebrate with us…so stay tuned for details.

We can not say THANK YOU enough to everyone who has prayed over us…and trusted us…and believed in what we were doing when we started 3 years ago….Im constantly reminded of exactly how good God is and how important your family and friends are…you guys help make us who we are… 🙂

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    Oh yea!