WEddings with friends…

Last weekend I was gone gone gone out of town again..and this time I was off to visit my friend Laurie Crutchfield in Greenville, NC. Laurie was my roommate at Love Affair and I tell you what..shes been a constant source of encouragement and love me for ever since. I LOVE that I have another photographer to share intimate details of my business with..I mean..we’re not each others competition….and I love that I KNOW she prays for me and my business..just as I do for her… 🙂 While I was there we shot Tony and Stephanie’s wedding and it was so much fun! Everything was beautiful and Tony and Steph have the coolest story. She was in highschool in Greenville adn Tony became her pen pal….he was in England. After years and years of Tony telling Steph that he was going to vist…he finally did and 2 years later…here they are. 🙂 Here are an image I shot from the wedding…i stole it from Laurie.. 🙂 She wont mind. Also…keep her in your prayers this week. Laurie is going with a mission team to the Dominican Republic starting TONIGHT to document their mission work there….its going to be a crazy great trip and just pray that they team stays safe and gets a lot of work done!

here is Stephanie 🙂

On a side note….while I was getting my eye brows waxed today…I realized something. Us getting this new space..and working on hiring an office manager..and venturing into a whole new spectrum of our business and our art…is kind of like getting your eye brows waxed. There is a sense of building anticipation and anxiety(like when they are putting the wax on your eye brow and then diligently press that cloth strip across your eye) but a big ole sigh of relief (like when they tear the strip off…and 8 layers of skin!!!) when its all said and done…and when its all feel really good about it. 🙂 just a little perspective…

  1. laurie says:

    tomorrow at this time I will be almost there!! thanks so much for your encouragement! I love you bunches and I can’t wait to come to GA

  2. Stephanie says:

    Melissa – you were so much fun to work with. Tony and I had a great time getting to know you, and hopefully the next time you are in town with Laurie we can all get together. Thank you so much for coming – we enjoyed it. Hope you did to!