Ryan’s 2!!!

I just love this little guy! I have been photographing Ryan since he was a wee little seedling in his mama’s tummy. Ryan’s mom is Kristy and I have known her for around 4 years. She has always been such a wonderful friend to me and this year..shes been sending us client referrals left and right! We just LOVE when our clients spread the word about us and we appreciate it more than you could ever know!

Ryan is now 2 years old, so we decided to take him out to the park so he could run around and play while we watched and talked about how we all remember when he was just a brand new baby! it makes me feel like Im getting old..shesh!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the shoot…happy birthday Ryan Jr!!!! We love you guys!

Okay…I HAVE to share this…but little Ryans dad…Ryan..is probably going to be mad at me…but oh well! So…lil Ryan wanted to go down the slide but he BEGGED dad to go with him…it was all fun and games until dad got stuck!!!! It was pretty hilarious….. heheheheeh

I just love Kristy…and boy does she love her family…

And Kristy and Ryan…you can thank me later for the big ole nap he took this afternoon….we wore him out!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Melissa, you did a great job as usual. My baby is just precious (yes I am predjudice) He looks so much like his daddy when he was a little boy. I love getting to see it all over again. Thanks..gama dabs

  2. LeNeve says:


    We (The Horne Family) loved our photos and thanks for making the shoot so easy and fun. With 8 adults and two small children I was very impressed with how quickly you worked. And guys…she drove all the way to Woodstock just for us!

    With all our love,
    The Horne’s
    The Holley’s
    The Windhams’s