Sydney and Brett: Engaged!!!

Everyone, this is Sydney and Brett! These two are soooooo much fun and we cant wait for there wedding in October to get here! They are getting married at Bona Allen Mansion in Buford and that place is incredible. When Abbey and I pulled up to Bona Allen where we also did their engagement session, we were SOOOOOO excited to see that the gate was open so we could go inside. We thought they would have it all closed by then, so we made a run for it and had a really good time looking over the grounds and hearing Syd’s details about where everything out be set up and how everything was going to look on their BIG DAY! We had the best time with these two and we are so excited to be a part of their wedding. We started their shoot at Bona Allen and then we migrated to some areas around the mansion itself…then off to WAFFLE HOUSE! Now you guys know I like to shoot at places that are specific and special to each of our couples…and Waffle House just happens to be where Sydney and Brett ended up at the end of their first date… so we couldnt pass it up! Thanks Sydney and Brett for being so willing to brave the heat…you guys are awesome and we cant wait until October! Click HERE to see their slide show and here are some of our favorites from the shoot…

  1. kim says:

    oh yessss! the waffle house!
    I love the rounded corners on your pics. this blog look just beautiful!