Lil’ Miss Maddy

Everyone, this is Maddy. I’ve been shooting pictures for Maddys family since 2006, when Maddy was a chubby 6 month old bald headed cutie pie! And now she’s 3, SHESH! Some cool stuff has happened since I met Brooke and DJ (that’s mom and dad)…since then I have taken HUNDREDS of pictures of Maddy, shot Brooke’s brother and sister in laws wedding (Matthew and Christina we love you guys!!!), Brooke’s got a new bun in the oven, AND (drum roll please…this is a BIG one…) MADDY GOT HAIR!!!! 🙂 She looks like a big girl in all her cute big girl clothes..but Brooke put her hair in little pig tails and they were SOOO cute! Poor Maddy has been hairless for so long and now we get to see her little whispies blowing in the was really really cute. 🙂 We started in the studio and then moved out so Maddy could have some room to run around and play and we had a great time! But more so than posting today to showcase the images we took..I had to post to show case the MANY faces of this little girl..she is hilarious! So…here are some of our favs… Brooke and DJ, you’re gunna have your hands full when she grows up! 🙂 hehehehe

  1. matt says:

    way to go melissa, these are some great looking shots!

  2. Brooke James says:

    Melissa, the pictures are great!!! Maddy really is a face with a thousand expressions LOL!! You really are the best!! Thank you so Much 🙂

  3. Katie Branch says:

    Those eyes are too cute!