Nicole and Cullen: Married!!!

Okay..I know you guys are probably like “Are these people your BFF or WHAT??!!!” because you have seen them so much on here…and to answer that questions…well..YES! AND..they hired up for the complete wedding experiance…and it was A-Mazing! 🙂 We just love these two and Im SOOOOO excited about the growing friendship we have put into place since they booked us early in the spring. I cant think of two people that love each other more…that love their families more…or that want to love other people more. There is something so special about these two and I feel utterly blessed and honored to be friends with the so I can stick around and see exactly what that special thing is! 🙂

Their wedding was really sweet and a whole lot of fun. Cullen is so considerate of Nicole and the way he looks at her is…with all disregaurd to sounding cheezy… magical. 🙂 The way she looks at him is no different and I will tell you this…for as much as Nicole loves her daddy and for as teary eyed as it got when her daddy gave her away…Cullen better hold her close and know that his wife means a whole lot to a lot of people…these two were really meant for each other. 🙂

Here are a few of our favorite images from their wedding..I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones of Nicole and her father…I wont lie..even I got emotional when he saw her for the first time!!! And the reception was so much fun..I think everyone left saying the same things we did!

We love you Cullen and Nicole….Harry Bissetts ASAP, okay??? (oh..sorry..I totally ment just me and guys will have to watch our kid remember.. 🙂 eheheheh)

OH! This is ME at Nicole and Cullens wedding..heheheheh

  1. katie says:

    This wedding rocked! Nicole-gorgeous, the food-delicious, peacock feathers- creative, and the rest was ALL FUN!