Dancin’ Queen


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Now onto THIS post…. 🙂 

Everyone..THIS is my beautiful friend Bethany… 🙂 I just love her! heheheeheh Bethany and I took belly dancing classes together about a year ago…she had 6 months up on me at the time and when I gave it up to start working out with my mom more at her gym in Atlanta…Bethany kept on trucking and she is AWESOME! This week she had a show in Athens and so we got together for a little session a few hours before…i LOVE her costume and Im so glad I went…it was so much fun! I have decided to start back again…but Im waiting until Im a good 8 1/2 month pregnant to do so..that way I can know over all of the skinny girls in the class with my big pregnant belly! hehehe not that I have anything against skinny folks..Im just saying….thats funny! 🙂 now on to the images….and be on the look out for more Bethany as I post some shots from an impromptu night shoot from last week…heheeh. 🙂 


  1. gretchen says:

    Absolutely amazing as always. Beautiful.

  2. Missy says: