Maggie:BABY IS HERE!!! little miss Maggie! She was born last week to our good friends Holly and Derek and we couldnt be more excited that she is FINALLY here! We went to the hospital for one of our “first 48” sessions and she was so incredibly sweet the whole time. Derek and Holly are so excited to have their sweet little miss here and their families have already said this is the best Christmas gift the could have received this year! So for all of you out there who still cant decide what to get your parents for Christmas…thats this years hot item…a BABY! 🙂 hehehehe Here are a few images from our session! We love you Derek, Holly, and little miss Maggie!


This next one just makes me laugh! She was like…”ummm..lady…cant you see Im having mommy and daddy time right now???!!” 🙂 hehhehe


  1. Jill says:

    Beautiful family!! What an adorible baby!!

  2. Lyndie says:

    How sweet! I love seeing your work!

  3. nancy m says:

    sort of makes me miss work….noooo just makes me enjoy my little miss kasey even more!!!i am a labor and delivery nurse on maternity leave!!!! great work.