Drum Roll Please….

Hey everyone! So…today is the day we announce our Holiday Contest Winners!!!! YIPPIE!!!!We had a TON of stories come in and reading through them all made me really excited about Christmas almost being here! 

For our Christmas story segment of this contest, it was really difficult for us to pick just one winner! We heard stories from awesome gifts that reminded me of how great it was to be a kid…to ones that made us thankful for all of the family and friends that we get to share our holidays with. So, without further ado, here is our winning story and the winner of a $100.00 Target gift card….

Story by: Kelly McMichael

“The year I turned thirteen was the worst year of my life, my dad died. The holidays were especially bad. My mom did the best she could to make Christmas the least sad she could. Every year since I was a baby I would get a Christmas bear from my parents. That year I carried around the bear I had gotten the year before, “glowie” and would take him everywhere. I cried into his soft stomach a lot that year and for years to come. That Christmas my mom got me a Christmas bear, as usual, but this bear had something special attached. There was a letter from my father (who had been very sick before he died and knew he would not make it to Christmas). He told me that he would always love me and he would be watching over me from Heaven and that if I was ever sad and missed him all i had to do was pick up the nearest bear and give it a hug. He would get the hug all the way in heaven and the bear would transfer his hug to me. I know it sounds silly, but I still do it. Anytime I see a bear I have to give it a hug. I even still buy myself a Christmas bear every year to keep up the tradition.”

Thanks so much Kelly for sharing your wonderful story with us!


Now on to our comments contest….we have random selected the name(out of a big ole bowl) of one FABULOUS blog stalker who will receive a $50 itunes gift card so they can ROCK OUT this holiday season…and our lucky winner is…. Gretchen Brockmann!


Thanks SOOOOO much to everyone who commented and submitted stories! We have a LOT of really awesome things planned for 2009 (and a whole bunch left to post this year!) so we hope that you guys will continue to check us out and see what’s new and exciting around here. We have had almost 20,000 hits on our blog alone this year so…we are hoping to DOUBLE it next year…so spread the word and Congrats again to Kelly and Gretchen! If you two will shoot me an email with your mailing addresses…we’ll get your gifts out in the mail for you TODAY! 🙂