From Sea to Shining Sea…..

Happy Inauguration day my friends! Regardless of who you voted for…regardless of which party you favor…today is a historic day and on behalf of America herself..we should all take a minute to think about whats happening in Washington, DC RIGHT NOW! I saw this picture and had to post it because its INSANE! I have friends who live in the DC area and Im sure that this is exactly what it looks like there right now…just pure craziness! (p.s. hi Alex and Anna and Lauren!!!) I hope everyone is getting a chance to watch the swearing in on tv at least because, as I said before, regardless of who you voted for…this is history that will pave a new attitude for OUR kids, and thats just plain exciting. 🙂 


I saw this image online and had to post…its in (oops!)Carlsbad, Ca at Lego Land…which, despite popular belief…has NO ice cream shop inside…shesh.  Have a great day!!