HBC Mag Shoot

This week we did a shoot for a really cool monthly magazine called Home Business Connection. When they called they said they were spotlighting a local gal named Stephanie who has an incredible home based business in the travel industry and I can tell you, hands down, this lady has her head on straight! She’s being featured not only in an editorial for the magazine, BUT…she’ll be on the cover! 

When I asked her what she does in her spare time, she gave me the most awesome answer and I know that mine would have totally been the same if I were her! She said that when it came to extra time and extra money for her and her family, they didnt invest it in giant homes or big ole fancy cars, but that she invests it in her family…by traveling! She said that last year they were able to travel 15 weeks out of the year because of the success of her business and to me thats WAY better than any crummy car or Christmas bonus you’d get at a regular job! They go all over as a family and once I convince her to adopt me and Anthony, I’ll post images from all of the fabulous trips we take!!! 

The magazine doesnt come out until March so I cant reveal too much, but I thought I would post an image of this really fun family!


OH! And I had to show you a little peak at this cutie patootie…shes Stephanie’s youngest and boy is she a doll!!

Congrats Steph and think about us while your traveling the world, or better yet…take us with you!!!!!

  1. Jill says:

    Yeah!!! I like that idea too! Who cares about fancy things….travel is WAY better 🙂