Livin’ la VITA loca!!!

Okay…so I know the song doesnt say VITA…but thats what this post is about so bear with me. Being pregnant can make all things delicious sound aweful. The slightest funky smell can send you into a whirlwind of nausea and even stuff you LOVED before (like avacados…mmmmm!!!) can make you want to gag! Well, I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw a product in the (heres a clue!) REFRIGERATED FOODS SECTION called “VITA.” I think I have seen this stuff sitting on the shelf before..but for some reason…seeing it yesterday made my tongue swell and my eyes cross. It was rough…

SOOOOOOO…for the sake of turning this aweful, disgusting product into something fun…the first person to correctly tell me what VITA is…will win a $25.00 itunes gift card. 🙂 Just post it in the comments section and make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you. Trust me…you can guess all you want to on this one folks, but unless you see it for’ll NEVER believe people would eat this junk! One word…blomit. 🙂 So…get to guessing! you have until tomorrow night!!! have a great day!!!

  1. Missy B. says:

    fish/salmon? If I am right there is a recall on that crap!

  2. Mom F says:

    velveta cheese

  3. James says:

    smoked salmon and/or herring

  4. James says:

    herring in a jar (in sour cream, wine sauce, tastee bits, homestyle, etc.)

  5. gretchen says:

    Is it a raw meat frozen smoothie thing?

  6. nancy m says:


  7. Katie says:

    Is it that gross refridgerated dog food that comes in the tube?

  8. Jill says:

    Chocolate is my guess…..but I think Katie’s answer might be right! 🙂