Gimmie some a dat!!!



Congratulation to James Miller for winning our “Livin la VITA loca” contest! This my friends, its Vita! It IS Pickled Herring (blah!) in a sour cream and wine sauce (bla-la-la) with “tasty bits” a.k.a small sliced onions (ba-la-la-la-OMIT!). When I told my mom about seeing this product in the grocery store, she says, “Oh, Ive heard of that stuff. Its a delicacy in some places!” My thoughts….that MUST be why it cost a whopping $5.00 a jar at Kroger…hmmm…makes sense huh? heheheheh

So, as promised, James will be getting a super awesome $25 itunes gift card. BUT…there is more!!! Since James hit the nail on the head with this one, we’ve decided to up the annie a little. 🙂 Anthony called James and told him that we’d throw in an additional $15 itunes gift card if he would actually EAT a big ole spoonful of this tasty product…WHILE we catch it on camera!!! Like a champ, he agreed! So, keep watching for Monday’s post…it promises to be a doozy! hahahhahh Have a good weekend!!!


OH! In case you are interested in finding this yummy treat…you can find out more about products by Vita HERE!!

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